Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Birthday Road Trip to Natural Bridge

Well I'm already off to a great slow start on my new blog. My birthday happened about six months ago, but I'm posting about it now so I'll remember it forever. Plans for my birthday originally consisted of me visiting a friend for the week and pretending it wasn't my birthday. Then one night I found out about this ridiculously over the top 1950s diner. It was near Foamhenge, and a bunch of other cool places. My sister, friend, and I joked that we should road trip there. Birthday plans quickly went from hiding out to going on an epic road trip with my sister and two of my best friends. 

After a late night slumber party, bundling up for freezing temperatures, and a few hour car trip, our first stop was a petting zoo. I have mixed feelings about zoos, and this one really wasn't the best. It was nice to stretch our legs though, and taking silly pictures and feeding goats/sheep/alpacas was fun. This post is going to get long, so I'm milking it for all its worth and dividing it up between activities. Until next time!


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