Tuesday, June 30, 2015

KOA Campsite in Natural Bridge

I wanted to post a little more often than I have this week, but I ended up getting vertigo. It was the weirdest sensation, but I'm feeling a lot better. On to reminiscing about the rest of my road trip, specifically camping. 
This part of our road trip can only be explained by me having a mid-life crisis/birthday meltdown. We were looking at different hotel options, and the option of camping in a small cabin came up. I am not a camping girl by ANY means, but it seemed like a really good idea, and it was!

"Camping" ended up being so much more fun than a regular hotel would have been:
  • More room than a usual hotel room, plus a kitchen
  • It was a brand new cabin so everything was perfect and new 
  • We were right by the playground 
  • It was cheaper than going rates at nearby hotels
  • The location was right in the middle of everywhere place we wanted to explore 
  • We could be slightly more loud there than in a typical hotel room without disturbing people
  • There was a game room and lot's of places to walk around

 We even made a fire and cooked dinner outside, so in my mind that totally means we went camping even though we also had cable
 KOA campsites have a lot of unique places to stay around the country. Tree houses, vintage trailers, and even train cabooses are just a few examples. I can't wait to road trip to them all...or just a lot. I'm really glad I decided to try something new!


  1. What a lovely spot! I'm a huge fan of camping and would to visit there some day. The little cabins are off-the-charts cute!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I don't know about Canada, but the US has KOA campsites all over! Plus a real bed was nice :)

  2. How cool is that!! Lovely blog! Greetings from Italy :)