Saturday, June 20, 2015

Foamhenge: The Ultimate Road Side Attraction

Foamhenge was built in Natural Bridge about 10 years ago by Mark Cline. It was the highlight of my birthday road trip. If it isn't obvious by the name, it is a life sized reproduction of the real Stonehenge, made of, you guessed it, foam. I'm really glad we went in the evening even though it was after a long day of driving, doing other activities, and very cold weather. The sun was setting, and it just made everything look that much cooler.

Foamhenge is on a hill, surrounded by a field on exit 180, right off Highway 11 South. There is no signage so you have to really be on the lookout. We could see it from the road, but if you go any time other than winter, it might be harder to see through the trees. Foamhenge isn't technically open anymore, and we may or may not have jumped a fence to see it. Take that into consideration and wear comfortable shoes if you try to see it.

This part of the trip was my sister's suggestion, so I personally wasn't sure what to expect, but it was just so much fun. I can't really even explain why running around a foam version of Foamhenge was so exciting. Maybe it was the surprise wizard. There are rumors that the land it is built on has been sold, so it's hard to say how much longer Foamhenge will even exist.


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